Travel Goals Podcast / Building a travel radio station - a deep dive with Leo Jones

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Episode notes

What does it take to build a successful digital travel radio station? On this episode, we talk to Travel.Radio director and presenter Leo Jones, who you may recognise from the popular ITV Docusoap Airline, which aired from 1998 to 2007. This flagship show showcased the daily happenings of passengers, ground workers and flight crew of EasyJet.

We get into what it’s like to be a radio presenter, as we are both presenters on Travel.Radio, how to convey destinations and travel inspiration through the medium of audio, and how radio and podcasts are key media partners for the travel industry going ahead?

Travel.Radio which is an industry-first global radio station playing music 24hours, available on your smart speaker, online and APP for everyone that loves the world of travel. 

Tune in to learn more about how to build a digital radio station and how radio and podcasts can bring the world of travel to listeners at home.