True Tales of the Illuminati


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Episode notes

“I’m tired of consulting on films, I hunger for god-humiliation!

Dal’s moon landing suffers delays. Ishmael finds the perfect double. Jackie becomes an artist. Beck acquires nuclear weapons. Von Braun vows to spit in the face of god. CW: deadly workplace situations, really oblique allusions to MKULTRA

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Promo this episode was for Neoscum, a narrative comedy podcast featuring five Chicago improvisers antagonizing their way through the roleplaying classic, Shadowrun. Find out more here

CAST Salvatore Fabbiano was Twobrick Dennis Bruno was Neil Armstrong And Mike Giordano was Michael Collins Chloe Zwaicher was Beck Julie Snyder was Jackie Noel Naczi was Ishmael Meredith Gulley was Dal John Serpico was the Chief Dennis Bruno was the Memo Marc Campasano was Werner Von Braun Ramy Abdelgani was Kubrick

CREW Written by Max Kreisky, Katherine Cargill and Eric Trageser Sound design by Hedley Knights and Beth Crane Directed and Produced by Max Kreisky Logo Design by Tom Crowley Theme by Arnie Parrot Recorded at The Bridge Sound and Stage in Somerville, Massachusetts

Special thanks to Illuminati nuke suppliers Beth Crane, Jess Pfohl and Jonathan Kreisky

Phony Executive Producers Nick Krasney Denise Grenier Alex Hensley Laura Isham Mariclair Bennet Steven Rutkowsi And Lilit Penrod made this show possible, and for this their names shall be enshrined for a thousand years. After that, there is a maintenance fee.