Unstoppable Success with Niyc Pidgeon / 013 Revealing My Daily Diet, Fitness & Health Routine

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Episode notes

In this episode, we will talk about diet, fitness, and health. We will dive into my daily routine, and I will share what I do every morning since I've decided to eat healthily, work out consistently, and pay more attention to my overall health. I will also share some simple tips you can implement to turn healthy choices into habits. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- How I went from hating sports to training for half-marathon

- The importance of a healthy diet, and how can it affect our performance

- A step-by-step of my daily morning routine

- What anchoring is, and how it can help us incorporate new habits

Having a conscious diet is not about depriving ourselves of what we want to eat; it is about choosing a healthy version of what we want. We can force ourselves to stay on all kinds of diets for a while, but what will work more effectively is to train ourselves to make healthy choices and work out until those choices become part of our habits. 


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