Unstoppable Success with Niyc Pidgeon / 012 How To Write Copy That Converts To Cash

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Episode notes

Today, we will talk about copywriting, and I will teach you how to write copy that converts to cash. We will go through the different types of copy and what kind of energy each one requires. We will also talk about the do's and don'ts when writing copy for your business, and I'll share the HERBRA system, a six-step system that'll help you create structured and consistent content.   

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Why mastering copywriting is essential for your business

- What is copy and how many different types of copy exist

- When we should use them different types of copy

- Things to avoid and things to do more often when writing copy

- What is the HERBRA system, and how to use it properly

The faster we get comfortable with our writing and finding our voice, the more engaging and authentic content we'll create. Creating quality copy is not about natural talent, but about practice, consistency, and commitment. 


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