Village SquareCast / God Squad: Rethinking Conflict with Dr. Gary Mason

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Episode notes

Meet The Reverend Dr. Gary Mason, a Methodist minister who has spent a career in inner city Belfast building peace across the “ghosts of religious division which have dogged this island for hundreds and hundreds of years.” He brings wisdom from the Irish legacy of sectarianism to America’s current divisions. Gary’s organization, Rethinking Conflict, is a UK based non-profit social enterprise working in the field of conflict transformation, peacebuilding and reconciliation. Our sincere thanks to Good Samaritan United Methodist Church for providing Dr. Mason for this important program.

After we hear from Dr. Gary, the God Squad joins the discussion, offering unique perspectives on tackling conflict in our communities. 

In this episode, we also reveal our summer reading recommendation - and you won't want to miss this because the author will be joining us at The Village Square soon!  Listen in for details.