Visionary Founders Podcast with Lisa Mitchell / 015 How a Whole Life Approach Will Transform Your Business

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Episode notes

In today's episode, we will unravel why having a whole life approach will be transformative for our business. We will focus on the right questions we must ask ourselves in order to change how we blend our life with our business, and talk about the impact that improving our lives has on our company. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- The effect of having a whole life approach to our business

- What are the questions we must start asking ourselves to embrace a whole life approach

- The benefits of showing up in our business just as we are

- Why it is so hard, especially for women, to embrace a successful personal and professional life

We often feel that the personal aspects of our lives get in the way of our business. As a result, we tend to treat personal affairs and our company as two separate parts of our lives, when in reality, they're intimately connected. Working on our personal life has an immediate impact on our business. The more we improve and grow, our company will do the same. 


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