Visionary Founders Podcast with Lisa Mitchell / 009 How to Use Your Business to Create Your Legacy

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Episode notes

Today, we will talk about how we can use our business to create a legacy. We will discuss how visionaries see the impossible, their relationship with wealth, and what it means to create something bigger than ourselves and our business

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Why money is necessary to create an impact and generate change in the world

- The power of asking ourselves “What if?”

- Stepping into a space of trust, and letting the universe align the right pieces into place

- How we can create a legacy that goes beyond our business, and why connection and working with the right people is so important for that process

- What vision of the world we can give to our children, and our responsibility for the changes they will make in the world

For any visionary founder, the ideal situation is working with people that feel inspired by their vision. Creating a legacy and having a significant impact in the world is something visionary founders can't do by themselves. They need help from others, and there is no one better to help than people that feel their fire lit by the visionary founders. 


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