Visionary Founders Podcast with Lisa Mitchell / 012 How Being an Outsider is Key to Your Success as a Visionary Founder

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Episode notes

Today, we will discuss why being an outsider is one of the crucial characteristics of becoming a visionary founder. I'll share a bit of my background, and how being an outsider helped me and my business. We will analyse why the norm in our society is to cast out those who see things differently, and the impact of turning ourselves down when we start thinking out of the box. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- What it means to authorise ourselves to be different

- Why the fear of rejection is keeping us trapped and limits our possibilities of being visionary founders

- How we can take challenges as an opportunity to grow and shift what is required

- Why we should celebrate being the round peg in the square hole

As visionary founders, one of our missions is to align our energy, feel into the edges, and constantly evolve and grow ourselves. When we do it, our business will evolve and grow too. That is why we must allow ourselves to be outsiders, to try new things, and to exist from a place of possibility and potential. 


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