Visionary Founders Podcast with Lisa Mitchell / 013 Why Your Best Decisions Will Always be Illogical

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Episode notes

In today's episode, we will talk about gut feel and intuition. We will discuss why it is preferable as visionary founders to operate from our intuition, rather than from a logical perspective. We will also talk about creative impulses, and the best way of dealing with them in our business. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- How illogical decisions in my life have served me so far

- Why we can't create if we only operate using our logic

- Why visionary founders cause chaos with their ideas

- The best ways of dealing with creative impulse and ideas

Making decisions based on pros vs cons assessments means we will never decide, because we will not find that perfect time or ideal conditions. In most cases, the best choice is the one our gut suggests, and just like a muscle, intuition can be trained and developed, so the more we use it, the stronger and sharper it gets. 


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