Voices of the Community / Bayview Opera House

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Episode notes

“We've definitely been listening to the needs of artists and artists of color not only opening ourselves up as a venue for them, but also making sure that we're helping them be successful out in the grand world”- Ashley

In this episode, our featured voice is the Program Manager of the Bayview Opera House Ashley Smiley.

The Bayview Opera House Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre was founded in 1989 and is one of six city-owned cultural centers operated by nonprofit arts organizations providing cultural and arts programs. The city-owned cultural venues host performances, festivals, and gallery exhibits that offer free or low-cost classes and are funded, at least in part, by the San Francisco Arts Commission. For more background on the Bayview Opera House please listen to our interview with Barbara Ockel the Executive Director in Part One of the special series Doing Business In the Bayview in the archives section of our website