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Episode notes

“I think just due to pervasive sexism, racism, classism in our society, the needs of under-resourced women of color are often overlooked”- Anu Menon

In this episode, our featured voice is the Executive Director of Oasis for Girls Anu, Menon who shares about Oasis for Girls programs which are really modeled on youth development, best practices that show that girls really thrive when they have multifaceted programming that is safe. It's in a safe environment, culturally relevant, and girl-focused with strong adult allies

A poll from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital shows that one in three teen girls and one in five teen boys have experienced new or worsening anxiety from the pandemic. The poll shows that 46 percent of parents say their teen has shown signs of new or worsening mental health conditions since the beginning of the pandemic in march of 2020.

Given the backdrop of Covid-19’s impact on our mental health and especially the health of our youth and teenagers we wanted to share the wonderful work of Oasis for Girls. To find out more about Oasis for Girls’s Rise, Create and Envision programs as well as getting engaged as a supporter, mentor and employer please go to oasis for girls dot org

Anu mentioned that girls from Oasis participate in Women’s Audio Mission to develop their storytelling skills. You can find out more about Women’s Audio Mission in our interview with Elena BotKin–Levy and Leah King in Episode 55