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The Reinvention of Downtown San Francisco

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Episode notes

"I think that there is a recognition that we're all interconnected and that this area is important. It's essential for, the City and the region. I think that there is a, great opportunity for all these groups to come together and to build something great." - Chris Wright

This episode focuses on the impact the COVID 19 pandemic is still having on the city of San Francisco's downtown community area. Along with this businesses workers and visitors, the city of San Francisco, along with businesses and community leaders have developed studies plans and funding to attempt to reinvent the downtown San Francisco community. We've invited two thought leaders to share with you their work to address these issues and how you can get engaged.

Our guests for this episode are the Vice President of Advance SF, Chris Wright, and the Executive Director of The Bay Area Council Economic Institute Jeff Bellisario.

You can read copies of both the Middle Wage Jobs Report and the recommendations along with the results from the San Francisco Survey at advance sf dot org

To read all of the research and recommendations from the Bay Area Council Economic Institute research and policy documents go to bay area economy dot org

For more information about the city of san francisco’s economic core recovery initiative go to s f mayor dot org 

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