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Mission Asset Fund - How Finance Changes Lives

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“We heard of neighbors helping neighbors, of people dropping off food on their friends’ doorsteps, of mutual aid groups, of people becoming champions and ambassadors in their community and, showing the way to access resources and support”-Elena Fairley

As millions of families accessed and received billions of dollars of financial support from the US Federal Coronavirus Relief CARES Act Fund, millions of immigrant families were excluded from federal COVID-19 relief. Find out in our latest episode about how Mission Asset Fund [MAF] stepped up to create financial programs and support to help stabilize thousands of immigrant families in our community.

In this episode our featured voices are the co-founder and CEO José Quiñonez, Elena Fairley, Director of Programs and Efrain Segundo, Financial Education and Engagement Manager from Mission Asset Fund. They will share with us how their community-centered approach works to meet clients where they are and create programs that build on what is good and true in their lives.

To find out more about Mission Asset Fund’s services and to support their work that provides financial services to the thousands of un-banked families and micro-enterprises in our community please go to mission asset fund dot org

You can also find out more about how the city of San Francisco is supporting our un-banked community members by visiting the San Francisco office of financial empowerment at s f gov dot org forward slash o f e 

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