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Nick Krall's Rise Through Reds' Ranks

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Episode notes

Paul and C. Trent focus on recent Reds organizational news as Nick Krall was appointed Cincinnati's VP/GM of baseball operations. What does this move mean for the club (:30)? Was this a decision guided by finances? What does Krall's multiple titles mean? And for those unfamiliar with Cincinnati's newest front office czar, Krall details his foray into baseball and his rise through the sport's ranks to where he is today (7:00). C. Trent further expands on Krall's baseball upbringing, his communication style, the team's philosophy moving forward and more (12:00). Oh, and let's not forget the possible defining narrative in the Reds' off-season, what are the team's plans for Trevor Bauer (23:00)? Krall explains.

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