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2: AUKUS, UK Trident Renewal & the Demise of Carriers

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Episode notes

On the second episode of WARSHIPS POD host, Iain Ballantyne welcomes two guests who have been regular contributors to WARSHIPS International Fleet Review magazine over the years. 

Commander Rob Forsyth commanded the diesel boat HMS Alliance during the Cold War, was XO of a Polaris nuclear deterrent missile submarine in the 1970s and also CO of the hunter-killer HMS Sceptre. He was, during his long career as an undersea warrior, ‘Teacher’ on the Royal Navy’s famed Perisher submarine command course.  

Dr James Bosbotinis is a highly respected defence expert with a vast knowledge of weapons systems and their part in shaping modern geopolitics along with being the books editor of the Naval Review, the professional journal of Royal Navy officers. 

During the lively chat subjects discussed include the new Australia-UK-USA (AUKUS) defence alliance and its naval implications; whether or not the UK should replace its Trident deterrent; the advent of hypersonic weapons and Anti-ship Ballistic Missiles (ASBMs) at sea; how long aircraft carriers will remain relevant; the oceans becoming ‘transparent’ and threatening to make submarines redundant; the rise of air and sea drones that may rule over the seven seas; the human element in future drone warfare; and naval superspy Commander James Bond.