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Manc 69: Figen Murray - The Mum Putting Forgiveness First

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“I’m going to publicly forgive the terrorist who killed Martyn, because anger breeds anger and hate breeds hate - somebody needs to break the cycle.”

Figen Murray practises kindness and teaches resilience in an effort to build a safer, united community in which people trust and respect each other. After losing her son, Martyn, in the Manchester Arena attack she gave up her career working as a therapist to study counter-terrorism and now speaks to young people about the dangers of online radicalisation.

Ahead of the 5th anniversary, you’ll hear Figen describe the harrowing night of the attack and the difficult months that followed, the value of forgiving those who have been led astray and the power of small acts of kindness in making a monumental improvement to each of our lives. 


Your host, Lisa Morton, started PR company Roland Dransfield in 1996, one month after the fateful IRA bomb that tore apart the city centre.  From that point, the business, and its team members, have been involved in helping to support the creation of Modern Manchester – across regeneration, business, charity, leisure and hospitality, sport and culture.

To celebrate the 25 years that Roland Dransfield has spent creating these bonds, Lisa is gathering together some of her Greater Mancunian ‘family’ and will be exploring how they have created their own purposeful relationships with the best place in the world.

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