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64 Gremlin Napier

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Episode notes

This episode is a chat with Gremlin Napier of Fanmore, in the North West of Mull. Gremlin came to Mull in the late 70’s and has been here since then, with interludes for adventures in Africa. Our conversation covers a lot of ground. We talk about the origin of his name, the incredible work of his parents, his school days, life in the 60’s and 70’s and the people who he met in the area when he moved to the island. There’s a couple of trigger warnings for you with this episode. Our conversation features strong language, in fact some of the finest swearing I’ve heard in a long time, references to dead bodies at about 10 minutes into the episode and references to the smoking of marijuana. I’m so chuffed to share this conversation with you, we recorded it over a year ago and I’ve been only just managed to sit down and edit it to get it to you. Gremlin has one of the most beautiful voices you could wish to hear, it’s been an absolute delight to spend time with his words again. For links and more please visit www.whatwedointhewinter.com Thanks for listening!