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Rishi Ready?

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Episode notes

This is episode one of a two-part special analysing Rishi Sunak taking over as Prime Minister. In this episode: what is the state of the Conservative Party? He's inheriting a mess - we assess who's been behaving badly. Kirsty and Oscar share their experiences of meeting Rishi Sunak and working with him - what's he really like? We find out about steps he took when he was meeting farmers despite not being a meat-eater, and how he is "fiercely" intelligent. Kirsty outlines his in-tray, Oscar cheers for Boris Johnson but concludes now was not the right time for him to try to make a comeback as Prime Minister. And what's Kirsty and Oscar's advice to those who are stepping into Downing Street as part of the new administration? Plus, we find unanimity on something or, actually, someone! Find out *who* it is. Email us anytime: [email protected]