Wildverse Poems from Fun Kids

Am I Too Small? by Elliott, aged 6 (Wildverse 2020, under 8's winner)

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Episode notes

Am I too small to save the bees? 

It’s a shame to lose them, can I help them please?

We planted some trees my mummy and me, 

The nectar they love and their home is the tree.

Am I too small to help I ask? 

My grandad said no and we set off on a task, 

We built a hotel for the bees to stay 

It has wooden tubes for them to play  

Am I too small to really help out?

My daddy said I can help without a doubt

Using less water in the garden is a good start

We have two water butts now, how smart! 

Am I too small to save a bee? 

I look in the garden at all I can see 

I’m not too small to help at all 

Can’t wait to make a difference even when I’m tall.

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