Wildverse Poems from Fun Kids

‘Bat watching’ by Alexander, aged 10 (Wildverse 2020, 8-12 runner-up)

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Episode notes

Fluttering, flittering,
Fleetingly skittering,
The bats burst out the tangle of ash,

Swerving, zipping,
Instinctively flipping,
The evening acrobats dash,

Deftly dancing,
Artfully darting,
Whirring wings above me flash,

Flickering, twisting,
Skittishly skimming,
My heart leaps at needle squeak,

Zigzagging, twirling,
Swiftly swerving,
Detector splutters as they streak,

Swaying, scooting,
Nimbly swooping,
Their movement so unique,

Frolicking, frisking
Lithely flicking,
A summer evening’s treat,

Rippling, skimming,
Briskly quivering,
Prehistoric flyers free,

Weaving whirling,
Agilely turning,
Bats seem wondrous to me.

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