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Anthony Rapp Becomes The Little Prince and Later Finds Seasons of Love

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Episode notes

Years after the failed Lerner & Loewe movie musical of The Little Prince, producer Joseph Tandet tried again, but this time with composer John Barry and a full Broadway production, which brought with it a whole new set of problems. The Little Prince and the Aviator began rehearsals in late 1981 and starred TV and film actor Michael York as the pilot with a 10-year-old newcomer in the title role - Anthony Rapp.

I am so thrilled to have Anthony joining me today! We talk about that troubled production, which actually never opened on Broadway, and we also discuss other shows like Rent and Star Trek Discovery. So in today’s episode you’ll be hearing four stories from his life and career:

  • How he was cast in The Little Prince and the Aviator and why it failed
  • Three movies where the directors wanted to cast him but producers did not
  • How Rent changed his life and what it was like coming back to the show years later
  • Dealing with the loss of his mother and the memoir and one-man show it inspired

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Bonus Episode: Anthony Rapp Talks About You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

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The Final Five

Anthony Rapp has been acting and singing professionally since he was nine years old. Even with an extensive list of wonderful achievements, Rapp also knows the hardships and uncertainty of this business. And through it all he's discovered what truly matters most in his life and career. He gives further thoughts and insights in the Final Five.