Dedushka (”Convict X” part 2)

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Episode notes

X:06 FUTURESPY series two continues in the second episode of a series-long story entitled “Convict X”!

In this episode, “Dedushka”, an unexpected visitor appears to offer X-06 a lifeline, but will he take it?

About X-06: FUTURESPY:

X-06: FUTURESPY is the cult 1960’s TV show that you can’t remember because it never happened.

Inspired by classic British spy and sci-fi telly of the sixties, X-06: FUTURESPY is deliberately presented as a “lost” old-fashioned period piece. The hisses and crackles you hear on this recording are quite deliberate, as low-fidelity is to be expected from audio retrieved by laser-accelerated spectography from a parallel universe 1966.

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A short dramatic reading produced, written and performed by JM Baxter

Music by Mister Brown

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