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Inspiral Carpets 'Life' with Clint Boon

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Episode notes

BOOM ARMY! The Organ playing legend that is Clint Boon joins Jim on this XS Long Player to talk Inspiral Carpets and their album 'Life;.

This chat with Clint not only talks about some of Clint's favourite songs on the bands debut album but also discusses the early days of the band, the birth of the MADchester scene and how a random drunk bloke takes lead vocals on one of the tracks!

Take a dive into the album once you've listened to the podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0JpctuXODTM0Eu2hAQLjOr?si=E_2dtleVS-it4IT2-RQCOw

Plus, you can order the vinyl Inspirer's reissue of Life (and Revenge of the Goldfish): https://mutebank.co.uk/collections/inspiral-carpets

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