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Foreign Agent Bonus Episode 2: Hollywood and the IRA’s American Connection

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Episode notes

*Corrected file* Noraid has been portrayed on screen many times, usually in the background of stories about terrorism and gunrunning. While TV shows and movies like Columbo, Patriot Games and The Devil’s Own aren’t exactly high art, they do reveal how the class politics of Irish America were understood (and misrepresented) by Hollywood. In this bonus episode, Nate Lavey takes a look at on-screen IRA gunrunners and their federal agency enemies, as portrayed by the likes of Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt and Sean Bean.

Columbo was produced by Universal Television for NBC. Patriot Games was directed by Phillip Noyce and produced by Mace Neufeld and Robert Rehme. The Devil’s Own was directed by Alan Pakula and produced by Lawrence Gordon and Robert Colesberry. Black Mass was directed by Scott Cooper and produced by John Lesher and Brian Oliver.

Hosted by Nate Lavey
Produced by Nate Lavey and Michael McCanne
Original music by Matt Huxley