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Will We Still Be Mad After Capitalism? w/ Micha Frazer-Carroll

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Episode notes

Mental illness is endemic to life under capitalism, yet it’s still largely talked about as a personal and medical issue. But what if we ditched the campaigns to “raise awareness” and instead turned our attention to criticising the systems that make us mad?

Micha Frazer-Carroll is a journalist and the author of Mad World: The Politics of Mental Health. She joins Novara Media’s Charlotte England to discuss how her own experiences of madness and diagnosis fed into the book’s reframing of everything from disability and psychiatry to racism, abolition and work.

Addressing the heated debate around Micha’s recent Novara article on mental health diagnoses, they also discuss the impact of the rise in self-diagnosis, whether the working day is itself a kind of dissociative state, and if we’ll still be mad after capitalism.

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