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Episode #38: The Greatest MCs Of All-Time

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Episode notes

After much hoopla, here are my 20 greatest MCs of all-time. This list has been curated and cultivated for weeks now and I’m finally happy enough to deliver the only results you’ll need for the rest of your life. 31 MCs are mentioned; 11 honorable mentions and the 20 greatest MCs of all-time. If anything, my list is better than that Kool Moe Dee book he put out in 2003. Never trust a book when the author’s name isn’t even spelled correctly on the book. What MC made the list that will piss everybody off? Everyone has somebody they can’t stand. This is the DEFINITIVE list of the greatest MCs of all-time. Spoilers: Eminem is #1. I don't care about the CMAs or Taylor Swift's new album. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hyphen-nation/support