Partly Political Broadcast / Illegal Mingling - The Rule of 6, Law Breaking Conservatives and immunologist Professor Sheena Cruickshank on COVID-19 vaccine possibilities

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Yes its now British to break the law apparently, but also don't see more than 6 friends you'll get a criminal record. Which I think makes you a proper patriot. Or something. It's all very confusing but what we do know is that now its all the EU and Remainers fault that the Prime Minister doesn't like the Withdrawal Agreement he came up and said was fantastic, and coronavirus infections are rising because irresponsible young people followed all the government's advice. This week Tiernan chats to immunologist Professor Sheena Cruickshank (@sheencr) about the real possibilities of a COVID-19 vaccine. JOIN PENFOLD AND GET ME MONEY THANKS: PLEASE HELP TIERNAN SURVIVE ALL OF THE COMEDY BEING CANCELLED: Donate to the Patreon at Buy me a coffee at OR FIND THE ACAST SUPPORTER BUTTON WHEREVER IT IS USUAL PODCAST BLABBER: LOOK AT TIERNAN'S FANCY NEW WEBSITE AND SIGN UP TO THE MAILING LIST: Follow us on Twitter @parpolbro, on Facebook at and the fancy webpage at Music by The Last Skeptik (@thelastskeptik) - - Subscribe to his podcast Thanks For Trying here. SIGN UP TO NEXT UP COMEDY AT:  

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