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#644 Anxiety in Children with Dr Anthea Rhodes

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Episode notes

RCH Health Poll - Recognising anxiety in children

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Parents report 50% of children aged three years and over are experiencing problems with anxiety, with 36% experiencing ‘somewhat of’ a problem and 14% experiencing a ‘big’ problem.
  • One in five children (19%) are anxious about attending school or kindergarten.
  • On average, parents recognise only half of the common signs and symptoms of mental health problems in children.
  • Only one in three parents are confident they could tell the difference between ‘normal’ worries in children and anxiety that might need professional help.
  • What are kids anxious about?
  • What is driving the increase in anxiety in kids?
  • What helps people be less anxious?

For more information, including info on the signs of anxiety, when and where to seek help, and a range of ways to support children with anxiety, RCH developed a new fact sheet: Anxiety - primary school aged children 

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