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Announcement - Down to a sunless sea

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Episode notes

Later this year I will be launching a Getting Better Acquainted mini series titled ‘Down to a Sunless Sea: Memories of my Dad’ about the my relationship with my dad, my dad's life story and his descent into dementia.The show will be be mixing clips from over 15 hours of interviews that I've done with my dad over the last 10 years with narrations based on these medium pieces:

Additionally to the main thread of the show I've received The Pulse Award from the Wellcome Trust and British Podcast Awards to make some episodes that look at the science behind the issues covered which include dementia, heart conditions, mental health and euthanasia.

As part of the requirements for this funding I'd really appreciate it if people who have listened to Getting Better Acquainted at some point since it launched in 2011 could fill in this survey:

It shouldn't take too long to fill in and you can select an option to be entered into a draw to get a pair of tickets to this year's awards ceremony.