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#219 - The Art of Boudoir

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Mike Cassidy is a boudoir photographer from New Jersey who is passionate about both photography and helping his clients to remain invested in themselves. While his clients receive an incredible experience and beautiful one-of-a-kind photos, the real service he provides is the joy and heart filling experience every time his images are viewed. Mike has become an advocate and resource of “real” authentic information about boudoir photography to help others make smart choices when choosing a photographer, so everyone can enjoy boudoir and have a positive experience.
Mike joins us today to talk about how to shop for a boudoir photography and the ins and outs of his business.

Big Takeaways
Boudoir photography is a great wedding gift. It is so much fun and rewarding. The empowerment that comes with the experience is so positive.

A lot of Mike’s client range in the late 20 to early 30s range, but he sees clients of all ages. Beauty is really ageless, and there is no limit.

There is no specific type of women that boudoir photo shoots are for, in fact, Mike sees people from every walk of life. It’s for everyone.

Society doesn’t always let people express their sexuality as freely as we should be able to. Women are often in “roles” like mom, execs, etc and do not get the opportunity to really express this side of themselves.

Book early! Boudoir is not a great last minute project. Photographers are busy during wedding seasons and often booked months in advance.

Session take time, even after the shoot is complete, it can take a few weeks for editing, printing, binding, etc.

Referrals are a great starting point for finding the photographer for you. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person who is going to be there.

Do your research. Don’t settle based entirely on cost. Have a range you are comfortable with so you can pick the best photographer in that range.

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“A lot of people are nervous, anxious when they’re coming in, you need to also be this calming force.” - Mike
“Price, when you see that, isn’t enough information to make a smart decision when shopping for a photographer.” - Mike
“Plan early, start early, and don’t let it be a last minute thing.” - Mike

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Special Guest: Michael Cassidy.