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Building resilience - understanding the human impact of work

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"We think people want to be liked, but they need to be needed". A thoroughly stimulating discussion here - that I've allowed to run long because it's so interesting. I met a brilliant guy called Misha Byrne who worked for a company called NeuroPower. I was so taken with what he was talking about (applying neuroscience to work) that we arranged to meet up, and he brought Peter Burow, the founder of the company along. There's some wonderful stuff in this discussion: - the important of Relatedness in teams - how we build affinity between people who might not initially see a connection with each other (in this case doctors from India and Pakistan) - how good teams don't avoid conflict, they are comfortable with it - how resilience can be built in teams - "We think people want to be liked, they need to be needed" The model that they use in their work is RELISH: Relatedness, Expression, Leading the pack, Interpersonal connection, See Progress and Hope for the future We talk a lot about Matt Lieberman's book, Social. Misha invites listeners to drop him an email you can do that here. Peter's book is here or you can read it for free here.  

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