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10 links you should click (July 2022)

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Episode notes

As part of my daily routine, I scan dozens of blogs, visit a handful of Facebook groups and skim through Twitter.

The goal: find the most helpful resources, tools, and articles that I can share with my teacher friends (that’s you!)

Check out these 10 interesting, useful, and fun links for the month of July 2022:

  1. New font options for Google Forms
  2. PIP for Google Meet
  3. Google Task updates
  4. Request a “transformation report”
  5. Kick start coding competition 
  6. Beta test the latest EDU updates
  7. VA district missing 1,800 Chromebooks
  8. Summer read: singularity series
  9. Barcodes in Google Sheets
  10. “Paint Online” Chrome extension

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