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Two weeks to total Tory wipeout?

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With two weeks of the campaign to go Scarlett Maguire, director at pollsters JL Partners, Andrew Roe-Crines, Senior Lecturer in British Politics at Liverpool University, and Philip Catney, senior politics lecturer at Keele University, look at what a crushing new series of polls means for Rishi Sunak, and the role Reform UK are playing in a potential Tory wipeout. Dr Hannah Bunting, lecturer in Quantitative British Politics at Exeter University comes on to discuss with PolHome reporter Zoe Crowther what role tactical voting could play on July 4, William Kedjanyi, Head of Political Content at Star Sports bookmakers, talks about the rise of political betting, while Dr Phil Burton-Cartledge, author of the book The Party's Over: The Rise and Fall of the Conservatives from Thatcher to Sunak, and Henry Hill, acting editor of the website ConservativeHome, look at what the Conservative party might look like after a crushing defeat, and voters in key swing seats reveal what they make of it all thanks to our Election Diaries project, in partnership with ThinksInsight.

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Presented by Alain Tolhurst, and produced by Lulu Goad for Podot