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Book Club: The Hummingbird by Sandro Veronesi

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Episode notes

Since publication in 2019 The Hummingbird, by Italian Sandro Veronesi (translated into English by Elena Pala), has wowed readers and fellow-authors alike. 'A gripping masterpiece', 'a life-affirming triumph' 'unforgettable'... Just what is all the fuss about?

We’re joined by pod regular Phil Chaffee and first-timer Jo Norman, both members of Laura’s book club, to find out. We’ve also got four unmissable novels by international authors we think you should know about. 


Marzahn, Mon Amour by Katja Oskamp (trans. Jo Heinrich)

The Martin Beck novels by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöo (Joan Tate)

Periera Maintains by Antonio Tabucchi (Patrick Creagh)

The Door by Magda Szabó (Len Rix)

Family Lexicon by Natalia Ginsberg (Jenny McPhee)

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