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021 - "What's the yellow light?" - Rob's wedding special

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Episode notes

It's been Rob's wedding in France and so with both Jim and Rob away they've decided to revisit some of their favourite Alexa Stop! interviews.

This episode features four interviews:

Fake, fake news! Nigel Gwilliam, Media and Emerging Technologies Consultant at The IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), talks computational propaganda and how it's influencing modern democracy through technology.

Pete Trainor, Founder of Us AI and Silja Litvin, Founder and CEO at PsycApps, for a mnetal health, AI & Machine Learning special. We explore how our guests are using these technologies to change the lives of people who live with mental ill health.

What does the future of transportation look like? A blend between a spaceship, a train and an autonomous vehicle. Nick Earle, SVP of Global Field Operations for Hyperloop One, joins us in the studio to explain how the work they are doing could change the lives of billions of people.

Be More Pirate with Sam Coniff talking about his amazing work building Livity and his book Be More Pirate which covers everything from cocktails to voting rights.

Alexa Stop is supported by D/SRUPTION, Manifesto and Wirehive, recorded live in London, UK (and some of this one in France).

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