2020 Vision

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Episode notes

In January this year, Brexitcasters packed out the BBC's Radio Theatre as Britain left the EU. Who'd have thought that eleven months later, we'd all be Newscasters, experts in the R number, PCR testing and Tiers? It's also been the year of Black Lives Matter, long drives to Barnard Castle and Hugh Bonneville dramatically reading out Girls Aloud lyrics. So join Adam, Fergus and Laura as we take one last look - and bid good riddance - to 2020. Thank you for listening, and we wish you all a Happy New Year! Studio Director: Emma Crowe Episode producer: Ben Weisz Newscast production team: Sej Asar, Georgia Coan. Jo Deahl, Rick Kelsey, Natalie Ktena, Harriet Noble, Alix Pickles, Frankie Tobi, Ione Wells Assistant Editors: Sam Bonham and Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos