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The fall of Kabul, one year on

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Episode notes

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey revels in the fact that there are just 10 days left of Boris Johnson as prime minister, but despairs in the fact that Liz Truss will likely be succeeding him - who this week said she was a solar power sceptic. Then, he hears listeners' suggestions on what they would give Liz Truss as a welcome gift when she moves into Downing Street. Journalist Lynne O'Donnell then joins the podcast to explain the state of Afghanistan one year after the fall of Kabul, the struggles Afghan women face every day and her own experiences of being made a high-value target by the Taliban when she returned to the country. Plus, Grant Shapps, Liz Truss and Jacob Rees-Mogg all feature in the Hall of Shame this week. Enjoyed this episode? Let us know by tweeting @TheNewEuropean.

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