Oh God, What Now?

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Making sense of our political hell every Tuesday and Friday! Oh God, What Now? is the no-bulls**t politics podcast, making the unbearable bearable with top quality guests and analysis, plus poor quality jokes. 
Regulars include: Alex Andreou, writer, commentator, cook, actor, secret agent • Rachel Cunliffe of the New Statesman • Writer and broadcaster Gavin Esler • Hannah Fearn of the i paper • Group Editor Andrew Harrison • Commentator Ayesha Hazarika • Journalist Marie Le Conte • Dorian Lynskey, author of The Ministry Of Truth: A Biography of Orwell’s 1984 • The Independent's Political Sketch Writer Tom Peck • Contributing Editor Ros Taylor • Comedian and writer Ahir Shah • Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best For Britain • Arthur Snell, ex-diplomat and presenter of Doomsday Watch • 
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