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SHAPING EARTH: Exploring the Secrets of Geomorphology🌎

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Episode notes

It's time for another trip around the solar system on the BIGGER and BETTER Science Weekly! 

This episode of the Fun Kids Science Weekly we continue our bigger and better podcast where we put YOUR questions to our team of experts, have scientists battle it out for which science is the best & learn all about some scientists in Wales experimenting making healthier bread

Dan starts with the latest science news, where we learn the dark secrets behind the Darna Squid, why residents in Kent STILL can't swim in the sea and Dr Catherine Howarth from the University of Aberystwyth tells us all about her project to help grow healthier white bread.

Then we delve into your questions where Dan answers Claire's question on why our hair turns grey and we pose Arun's question on why uranium is so dangerous to Professor Tom Scott from the University of Bristol.

Dangerous Dan continues and we learn all about the Shoebill Stork found in the swamps of Africa.

The Battle of the Sciences continues where Dan chats to David Thomas from the University of Oxford about why geomorphology is the best kind of science

What do we learn about?

- The dark secrets of the Darna Squid

- Why Kent residents can't swim in the ocean

- How Welsh scientists are making bread healthier

- What makes Uranium so dangerous?

- Is Geomorphology the best type of science?

All on this week's episode of Science Weekly!

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