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#185 P1 – What Pregnancy & Childbirth Is Really Like: Sex Education, At Home Or Hospital, And Everyone’s Birth Being Different, With Alyson Shelton & Ria Carrogan

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Episode notes

This episode brings an incredibly important subject matter that many individuals (especially males) know surprisingly little about; pregnancy & childbirth – we have two women who have given birth; Ria Carrogan & Alyson Shelton, plus 3 accounts from others that Mike reads aloud.

This week’s part begins with Alyson & Ria introducing themselves and the Femme On Collective, before Mike & Megan talk about their experience with sex education in school. The conversation then goes into full swing, where the group talk about premature babies, how pregnancy is treated in the US & UK, what childbirth is really like and how every birth (for all people) is different. Mike reads aloud a friend’s experience through a complicated pregnancy and then geriatric pregnancy & how biological men act in the delivery room are discussed!

In part 2 (out next week, or available now on Patreon) the conversation continues with discussing how the dynamic of two people changes from partners to parents, which leads to talking about raising a child. Mike then reads Maff & Amanda’s experience with their latest child and Ria & Alyson talk about the importance of supporting both parents. Nearer the end, the group talk about strange cravings & weird symptoms of pregnancy and Ria explains to us what “Lightning Crotch” is!

Thanks to Jasmine, Amanda & Maff (@MaffUK78) and Mike’s friend for sharing their stories on the show too!

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