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Hello! This week we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to throw you a bit of an RTBC curveball. Not only are Ed and Geoff venturing gingerly into the world of sport, but they're talking about the fastest-growing game in the US, which is now gaining popularity closer to home: pickleball! We talk to hall-of-famer Jennifer Lucore about the history of the sport and to coach Louise Stephens about its future here in the UK. We also chat to players Jessie Danger and Sam Basford about their pickleball careers to date. But will Ed and Geoff agree to get on the court? And what the heck is 'dinking'? 

Plus: Find out what happened when I’m a Celebrity came calling for Ed...and a special preview of a bonus RTBC episode being released later this week.

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Find out more information including where your local courts are on Pickleball England

Learn more about the sport in America at USA Pickleball

Read Jennifer's blog

Learn the rules of pickleball 


Jennifer Lucore, Professional Pickleball Player and Ambassador, Author of the book ‘History of Pickleball’ (Instagram: @jenniferlucore)

Louise Stephens, Coach and Pickleball England Volunteer of the Year (Instagram: @englandpickleball)

Jessie Danger, Top 8 Sponsored Player and Nationals Women’s Doubles Bronze Medallist (Instagram: @jessieedanger)

Sam Basford, Regional Director for Pickleball England and Master Teaching Professional (Instagram: @sambasford.pb)

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