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Hello! When we hear about social workers it's usually because something terrible has happened. Social work is rightly subject to scrutiny, but why do we never hear about any of the good stuff? Despite operating in an under-resourced and bureaucratic system, social workers are helping individuals and families facing some of the toughest life circumstances, in the hope of creating a fairer and more prosperous society. We talk to Ruth Allen about the profession, to Ryan Wise who's trying to remove day-to-day barriers that social workers might face, and to Lisa Hackett about why we need to shift public perceptions of social workers and the job they do.


Ruth Allen, CEO, British Association of Social Workers (@ruthallenonline) (@BASW_UK)

Ryan Wise, Co-founder, Crescendo (@ryanwise18)

Lisa Hackett, Chief Social Worker, Frontline (@FrontlineSW)

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