Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd / 80. REASONS TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE

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Episode notes

Hello! Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do....BUT, 11 million people live in coastal communities across the UK but for too long they’ve been getting a bad deal. This week we’re exploring the New Economic Foundation’s plans for a major coastal industrial strategy: the ‘Blue New Deal’. We’re joined by Fernanda Balata from the NEF to explain the proposals. Then Nick Taylor from Scarborough and Sam Scriven from the Jurassic Coast talk about how investing in coastal economies and the natural environment can work in practice. AND Comedian and impressionist Jess Robinson brings us new rules for the Geoffocracy, all difficult topics are now sung, no more automated called, no more dill, no more seeds in raspberries, no more confusion about how many kisses during greetings For information regarding your data privacy, visit