Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd / 86. I FOUGHT THE LAW AND... I WON: the art of successful campaigns

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Episode notes

Hello! How can we all campaign on issues that we care about and make change happen? This week we hear from inspiring campaigners who have done just that. We talk to Gina Martin who successfully campaigned to make upskirting illegal and Matt Zarb-Cousin from ‘Stop the FOBTs’, who won a reduction in the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals. Gina and Matt share the stories of how they got involved in their campaigns and lessons from their recent victories. Then executive director of Citizens UK Matthew Bolton explains the theory behind running successful campaigns, before persuading Ed and Geoff to try one of their key techniques. Don’t miss our live show at the Underbelly Festival in London this Sunday afternoon (19th May). Book tickets here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit