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E210: (EMOTIONAL) Davina McCall: “I was doing cocaine with my mum at 15!”

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Davina McCall has been an icon of television for 40 years. The host of Big Brother for over a decade, tens of millions of people looked to Davina to bring a national obsession into their homes. 

But few know the real story of Davina. From a heartbreaking childhood that saw her take drugs with her mother to hosting one of the biggest shows in the world, she’s come a long way. At every step along her journey, no one was going to define her but herself. No matter how many times she got hurt no one could take away the one thing she could control, her resilience. 

Consistently breaking down barriers and forging new paths, Davina was the first female television host to put her bubbly and occasionally feisty persona front and centre, and she was the first mainstream figure to create a fitness platform that has inspired millions of people to get active in the fifteen years she’s been in the game. Having consistently inspired so many people in her life, she dropped by to gift us some of her inspiration too. 


Your most defining moment 

What did you want to be when you were 16? 

When did you first go into TV 

The moment you got off drugs 

Hypnosis healing trauma 

Your desire to be famous 

Your states of happiness now 

Your career in TV 


Your sister Caroline 

The process of grief 

Your book Menopausing 

Men dealing with menopausal women 

Forgiving your mother 

The last guest question 


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