The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

E95: How To Build A Following Of 10 Million +: Mrwhosetheboss

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Episode notes

Arun Maini is the UK’s number one technology influencer, with over 10 million followers across his social media, and over 1.2 billion views on his youtube channel Mrwhosetheboss. Today, he’s talking exclusively to us about his life, his passions and how he made it to the top.

Arun started small, using a camera given to him by someone and reviewing technology he could borrow from his friends. Today, he still records in his bedroom, but his job takes him all over the world, and a positive word from him is sought after by Apple, Samsung and technology companies the world over.

In his first extended sit-down interview, Arun talks to us about how he gives his all to every task he does, how he stays focused, and how his very competitive nature drove him to the top. But he also opens up about the pressures he faces. And he comes clean about how the very instincts that drive him on can make him his own worst enemy. 

  • Your early years 
  • Building confidence & practicing gratitude 
  • Playing out your dream to the detriment of myself 
  • Hard work
  • What made you go after your calling?
  • How do you maintain meaningful relationships?
  • Money
  • How do you enjoy aspects outside the excitement of YouTube? 
  • Your growth on Youtube
  • The biggest misconceptions of you as a Youtuber
  • What are your motivations now?