Table Manners with Jessie Ware

S11 Ep 11: Jon Sopel

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Episode notes

This is a GREAT episode. Zooming in from Washington DC, we talk to BBC North America Editor Jon Sopel about his new book ‘UnPresidented'.

Jon reveals that he was known to Trump as 'the guy who asks stroppy questions in the briefing room’. We get to hear about Obama's Christmas parties and the exquisite food laid on compared to the fries and chicken wings at Trump's do. He's been - and reported from - everywhere and we hear what family life is like for an international correspondent. 

Growing up in the East end and spending a lot of time at the Jewish Youth Centre, he tells us about his bar mitzvah and the injustice of his friend's being allowed to sneak off with luncheon vouchers...

He longs to go to the Holly Bush pub in Hampstead as soon as he’s back in London and talks about having a TikTok account, thanks to his daughter who was incredibly impressed that he’s on Table Manners!

And we will leave you with this gem from Mr Sopel - 'Food off other people’s plates contains no calories'. Enjoy!

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