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Australian Podcast Awards announce winners

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Australian Podcast Awards announce winners

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The Tech Stuff

  • The OPAWG user-agent lists are changing for the better. The new user-agents-v2 repo builds on the previous approach, and is quicker and more detailed.
  • Mastodon fun facts: if you add .rss to the end of someone's account page - like this - then you get an RSS feed. Audio files attached to posts are given a proper enclosure tag (there's an example in this feed), so theoretically every Mastodon user is already a podcaster. However, a) Apple Podcasts doesn't like these RSS feeds, though other apps are fine with them; and b) it'll add significant extra cost to your server instance's bandwidth bills so best not.
  • Lightning payment service Alby released v1.19.0 which adds support for Core Lightning nodes, one of the four major lightning implementations.

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