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S5 Ep27: Loremen S5Ep27 - Leicester Fairies, Nuns, Ghosts and a Big Stone LIVE

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Episode notes

This year's live show at the Leicester Comedy festival was a delight. The lorefolk were in fine form and James rustled up a folkloric feast, including 'facts' from Geoffrey Hodson's 1925 book Fairies at Work and at Play.

Sadly, fairy mischief meant that our recorder batteries died towards the end of the show, so the final portion of this episode has been reconstructed from a low-quality backup. You'll hardly notice! Unless you listen to the episode, in which case you'll definitely notice.

Why not defy the fairy curse and join us for another live show? The Loreboys are going live again in Oxford on May 25th:


(We'll bring lots of spare AA batteries to this one, we promise.)

This episode was edited by Joseph Burrows - Audio Editor.

LoreBoys nether say die!

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