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S5 Ep24: Loremen S5Ep24 - Black Shuck with Long Cat Media

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Episode notes

The cats from Long Cat Media lure the Loreboys to the wild, wild east. Lindsay Sharman and Laurence Owen (the excessively award-nominated podcasters behind Mockey Manor and Magenta Presents) are on the trail of a hound with a thunderous bark and eyes like saucers. It's a terrifying beast that can turn even the bravest churchgoer into a quivering, crumpled crisp packet of a man...

Yes, this episode brings the Loremen face-to-snout with East Anglia's infamous Black Shuck! And we welcome back Old Shuck's alter ego: the man-scrumpling dog of Bungay.

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This episode was edited by Joseph Burrows - Audio Editor.

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